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Office Hours:
Mon-Thurs 9:30-2:30
901 Government Street
Mobile, AL 36604

* Sunday Gatherings:
- Sunday School 9am
- SERVICE: 10am
- Sea Scouts 4pm

* Wednesdays
- 10am Ladies Prayer Ministry
- 11am Bible Study

- Noon Brown Bag Lunch

- 7pm Choir Practice

seascoutAre you between 14 & 21? Are you looking for some excitement and adventure on the water? See what we're about. Bring a friend along too! 4pm on Sundays! Shipmaster Rev. Rob Gulledge.

Sea Scouts is for teens who want to have fun and experience the rich opportunities and traditions of the sea. The Sea Scouts are a Co-ed program that has been operating for 98 years that are:

-Youth managed

-Focuses on water based activities

-A program of the Boy Scouts working closely with the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, and U.S.piratepic Department of the Navy

-Provides opportunities for sports, military base tours and high adventure

-Encourages leadership and service focused advancement that is recognized by colleges and service academies

For more information visit: or email Rev. Rob Gulledge.